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tv   [untitled]    June 28, 2012 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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from the new center here in moscow top stories not exactly half past the hour in the russian capital syria in the cycle of. a government building in damascus while new footage of alleged rebel brutality surface. leaders grow desperate to undo the ruinous effects of austerity on the union member nations grow wary of german proposals of the political federation of europe. and the american sentiment in pakistan reaches new peaks as the country's involvement of the us led afghan war claims pakistani lives on an almost daily basis. to bring it up to date for the moment well for more insight into the mounting debt has been talking to peter merton's he's author and head of belgium's workers party that in-depth interview is
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next on r.t. . today we're joined by peter merton c is a belgian politician of the worker's party and he's also the author of a book called how dare they which focuses on the european crisis and he tries to dissect and find alternative reasons behind what's going on in europe thanks very much mr martin's for joining us today for course the obvious question is the title of your book is how they are thinking who is they who are you referring to after the crisis of two thousand and eight. we asked ourselves. what is the change finally after describes because i remember in two thousand and eight there were lots of the colorations of for example sarkozy was also obama all the political leaders of that. the financial sector and the financial
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capitalism we're going to take a really radical measures to change that and i want to see for yourself these declarations what these changes and i think basically in the financial level various noting changed. if there is something changed on the contrary those who are responsible for the crisis of two thousand and eight have had have received more power and more and even more financial resources so the most important figure i think of the book is the study of the. could do this with the investment bank that says that one hundred percent of adults population. in the world little. more than thirty eight percent of all the. earth's so if i understand correctly from your answer. first to what leaders obama sarkozy or the bankers or the elite
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who are you grouping them all together in that block some open question. but in each case there is a little brick lost in europe and in the united states that is composed. of industrial capitalists c.e.o.'s of. enterprises of bankers and also of some politician it's a circle the system an upper class from people that know each other well received a banking system in trouble again we have austrian banks in trouble even german banks that are supposedly safer. is in big trouble now if the problems keep persisting despite the solutions leaders have offered in the past does that mean fundamentally the problem the root of the problem has not been solved i think the root of the problem is in the productive sector because there are a lot of forces that are telling that it's only
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a problem problem of the financial sector but in my vision you have this problem of overcapacity in the production that is present. today like the automobile factories and so traditionally what. economy do to resolve this problem that there is more capacity from production their capacity of course they get close to to get to restrict relations and so on and so on to demolish productivity capacity but neo liberal way was also another way to tackle the crisis and this way was to create artificial consumption and they did it by reducing taxes for the richest people in the united states afterwards in germany and everywhere in europe they did it to give to middle class to its credit cards. three four five credit cards the system existed to enlarge to artificial
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consumption and they did finally to also give to people. predatory loaning loans to sell them houses they knew very good that these people never could. pay them back and the problem of the banking in the banking crisis of two thousand and eight was that. small banks disappeared in the bigger banks state and we have to program that's called the failed syndrome it is this too big to fail reasoning that's holding everybody hostage the economies of europe hostage and even holding politicians in their heads now at what point will this reasoning be not enough anymore you can't anymore say it's just simply too big to fail so in order to change things i think there will be a need to question from from from the from from the basic we need popular movements are we we are going to in my opinion to or europe which is a very large number of social conflicts we are seeing it already beginning of the
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beginning of the spring of the peoples and we're going to need it so it's true we're seeing a lot of social upheavals now across europe are you saying that only when these social upheavals reach critical mass will there be any change at all that this has got to happen or europe is crossing points of three possible ways and there is the one way and this raised. from frank food from and from berlin this is a more authoritarian europe and they want to save the euro by a target measure by taking national survey nitty overnights to the european level by mixing in matters of salaries for example of a country's of the pensions of france recent second to. the crossing points of my view is that europe will separate again and that we have. two three or four
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europe's. strong states. in the. one hand middle states like france belgium and luxembourg on the other hands and so-called states but it's nationalism again and you really have a conflict in europe and then there is a tertiary in my opinion that is the rate that give the people's right the most movements or strong and if they find political translation it's will be possible to go to. something like a socialist europe or a group of so you dirty of corporation or banking system it's probably to our energy system it's probably right there is democracy and one of the countries of course at this crossroads having to make a choice is greece you talked in your book about a lot of the myths surrounding greece why do you think it's the misrepresent that if you have the official figures everyone can live them up and everyone can see
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that. the. greek people are working. more than two thousand and one or a year and that is for example more than six six hundred i would say year more than that in germany more than five hundred dollars a year more than in belgium so this meets of the lazy greeks doesn't exist and so i was asking myself why why are they telling such things on mainstream media. in germany in holmes. in belgium and i think it's very easy to understand because the. establishment who has the most. profits from this story since ten years that is the german establishment and the dutch establishment and so in creating this false conception of the greek people you can
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say but no it's no it's not a problem of economy it's not a problem of the eurozone it is a problem of lazy greeks what about. the euro project some would argue that the question of whether or not the euro is needed to pursue a united europe is a moot question the fact that it's what it was chosen as a single currency years ago means that the decision has been made and there's no turning back do you agree with this so you have europe. organisation called table the european around table of industrialists and they are. beyond the scenes really of most powerful organization who has pushed this concept of one of euro. since the end of the eighty's in politics and so from the beginning on. european monetary union was conceived as a concept to create a big competitive europe that could compete competes with syria united states meets
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etc etc and they knew very well that at the beginning of the euro there were large inequalities in europe so they knew it and they said oh it's no not a problem we create a system. called the jones. and that was a treaty of mastic the norms of maastricht and they said no we're going to level up all the countries to prepare two thousand and two into the introduction of the euro and now we are ten years later and we see that the inequalities in europe. were level to at zero but it's created more inequalities than ever in the last fifty years and europe and of course the country in focus right now with spain again we're seeing the same solution being prescribed to spain asset prescribe to greece and ireland i think really that the financial sector in all of europe should be transformed tyrannically in that we need the public sector in friends in all
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over europe because now they can be allowed spain into. but it's all a very short term measure as it's structurally it isn't changing a lot and i hope they will help as a short term but you need also measures at the long term in europe and so i instance it once stupidity what is stupidity stupidities do something twice again and think there will be another results because they said it will solve the crisis in greece now it's for five years greece is in recession it's becoming much worse and much worse and now they're going to take the same program to spain in the are expecting magically another result and just briefly talked about socialism two point zero one your book what exactly does that mean by doing to this computer system has to change seriously and i think
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we are going to need to again socialist system where. there is a large public sector and british role in a system also is a democratic control and i think that for all those sectors that are big to feel for humanity like the banking sector like energy sectors if it is too big to feel for the future of humanity in the world you need to have a public control and indeed there is to sort of sources they say in belgium. and the father of the world it's working force people are working on thinking and creating things that the father of the world and then you as a mother of the world and they say this nature. and this capitalist system has a problem with. this all for his own father and his own mother they are exploiting the workforce and they are exploiting nature and socialism two point zero my view
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is a system that is not exploiting its mother and father but it's a respecting workforce and she respects and peter. martens thanks very much for your time and my pleasure. just give me can i speak with you sir let me just blame my son died on the run and really don't agree with you don't want to look for other things my son isn't isn't in the arena i don't know what is crap we are going to try before you'll see it. sure and your country. to country isn't your ange. the moon or hope to help you find me. you find in so many old says war. and meet some smiles.
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there hasn't been anything yet on t.v. . it is to get the maximum political impact. before source material is what helps keep journalism honest we thought. we wanted to present. something else.
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top stories this hour in r.t. syria in the cycle of violence twin blasts at a government building in damascus while new footage of alleged rebel brutality is surface. leaders grow desperate to undo the ruinous effects of a steerage on the union while member nations grow wary of german proposals of political federation of europe. and american sentiment in pakistan reaches new pics of the country's involvement in the u.s. led afghan war claims pakistani lives on an almost daily basis of about with a new state with more news stories for us and fifteen minutes from now in the meantime paul is next to tell us what's happening in the world of sport.
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thank you very much but welcome to the sports headlines here is what's coming up continental quest germany and italy to go head to head in the second semifinal of the european football championships later on thursday. steady progress serena williams struck just five games as she reaches the last thirty two it will then along with the russian maria sharapova. on the second chance a global sport manufacturer is looking to discover a young russian talent with all that chance of stardom have gone. but starting with football and italy and germany do battle later on thursday for the right to face spang in the final of euro two thousand and twelve the atmosphere is building in warsaw poland is in the polish capital and caught up with fans from both sides of the divide. germany italy a true clash of the titans. these two countries to establish themselves as powerhouses of european football over the last seventy years germany have looked
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imperious so far in this tournament played for one for their supporters would have preferred a semi final clash against england but instead they will have to pick their wits against an italian side who have never managed to beat at a major tournament. a little bit of course and a lot of my friends sing so we are not able to beat. but for me it's clear this time it is the exception that's going to govern the route. no one gave it really much hope before this tournament started they were humbled by russia in the only warm up game while some of the players were caught up in yet another corruption scandal on the eve of euro two thousand and twelve. in the first part in first turn easily was not so good we play like that we make people feel that we are not so good. and then we do at the end you show us so the last match against england was perfect yeah we deserved to win because we played very well germany a well known for their forward thinking and efficiency and these euros are
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certainly no exception they've even created a mobile fan embassy to help out those supporters who are need of assistance these have been in existence since the world cup in italy in one nine hundred ninety s. and the mobile embassy receives funding from the german football board and provide a vital service to their fans we started our website seven months ago we are producing to every every match we are producing a frenzy and we have a fan guide we have a helpline where fans can contact us twenty four hours in case they have any problems also it was reasonably quiet the day before the match the vast majority of supporters yet to arrive in the polish capital however expect a fantastic atmosphere on thursday as two of the biggest powerhouses of world football not corns for a place in the euro two thousand and twelve final. version of the euro two thousand and twelve championships are coming to an end in poland the last games played in the country taking place on thursday at the was on national stadium just behind me
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well overall the tournament has been very well received by the locals on the holds of visiting fans and everyone will be hoping for a classic encounter weekly take on germany which of unfulfilled r.t. . well germany's influential midfielder bastian schweinsteiger has been declared fit for the match after shrugging off an ankle injury forwards money or gomes lukas podolski and thomas all vying for a recall after being rested against greece italy's giorgio collini daniel d'arcy and of not all injury doubts for coaches are prandelli who was quite dismissive when it was suggested to him that germany or the favorites. this we should go home go and shoot of course it will be great to take on this side and of course we're convinced that we can actually play our own game so we're very calm and we're very keen to put into practice everything that we have been working on in training that it's going to be a very exciting game. of us. want to criticize the visit we'll play our game
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we'll bring our strengths we will try to have a read and will not let italy show us how we have to play so it's a confidence thing to be cheeky we have to be strong and brave but we must also concentrate and we must work hard. meanwhile after their poor showing at the euros the netherlands are now looking for a new manager this afterbirth van marwijk stood down the sixty year old was contracted to guide the dutch through the twenty fourteen world cup and beyond with a contract until euro twenty six days the moment though has decided to resign after the dutch failed to register a single point during the group stages in poland and ukraine and surprising turn around after guiding them the world cup final two years ago. now english football a david beckham has been dropped from great britain's olympic squad the thirty seven year old l.a. galaxy player wasn't selected into a pace as final list of players back into former teammate ac milan alexander partow speaking before the announcement so he believes the former international captain
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still has something to offer their year but i mean david's a very big player and a fantastic person on the pitch i think he's got a lot to offer he always gives his absolute maximum he's very experienced so he can help with the new players as a person he's a really great professional with a work ethic at training as well always giving one hundred percent. meanwhile in tennis maria sharapova has progressed to the last thirty two wimbledon after resuming her reign delayed second round match with setanta playing on thursday the world number one was a set of three one up when play resumed however she lost the second on a toy break before pulling herself together in the decided to take it in some style six love next up a high c. way shy of taiwan. while another big name to progress today is serene williams the four time champion winning her second round match with hungary melinda thinks six one six four. both an option on thursday world number two
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victoria azarenka takes on switched over a means of grounding for the finding champion patrick a victory is up against elena baltacha of great britain. in the men's game for the dalai mari advancing to the next round following of course that winning over evil cultivate your voice well andy roddick has been in the final three times beyond germany in straight sets seven seeded spaniard that would forever be frenchman can either ship out of france in straight sets also world number two rafael nadal close chap lukas rosol next up on. now the russian olympic committee have unveiled the official uniform to be worn by russia's competitors at the london games in an extravagant presentation in the country's capital members of the current limitation as well as for my limbic champions paraded that you can't a five hundred strong and don't drink while spectators with a pulsating performance while many prominent musicians politicians and outlets were present on a traditional english double decker bus president of the russian olympic committee alexander was in attendance saying russia has the potential to better their
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performance in beijing four years ago. it will have for about twenty five gold medals so it will be actually a little bit more than the beijing of course will come to the america and china. called collate the results on the last world championship i can say to a child of ok probably the first place i'm doing that this is the second. now finally back to football where a major sports manufacturer has had a disclaimer to discovering young talent the feel they may have missed the big chance reports on those in russia they were getting a second opportunity. they
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love the game they have the skills and have been dreaming of becoming football stars here is there a shot of all the talk. of the night jones program seeking gifted players from all over the globe from sixteen to twenty years old and strictly without professional contracts the russian selection saw dozens of contenders exploit and assessed by professional coaches yet those goals when you margaret look at this you did all the hard work and failed to score he looks great but i want to make sure he's got what it takes to finish the nineteen ninety three russians got the winner . and g.d. communicator on day to life and he's call it based on hard just on sunday selecting on the floor lucky ones who represent the country in the finals in barcelona among the magnificent one hundred nature all born talents from full over the world fighting for their dreams to come true final price is sixteen out of one hundred
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ten global participants will go on the global. for the whole bookstore to best's nike seems like a vandals like manchester united's veterans ever even if they aren't their future looks promising the best i presume that some of these guys most likely those four who will be chosen today will be able to start playing in the russian premier league or the first division in a couple of years so if you're curious you can follow the winners careers and see if i'm right and here they are you cool go get a little money good luck and let's not smear not the ones who made it to the finals but maybe still at the very beginning of a long and glorious way. you can always see if a player is really good even when he fails you see that he has the skills it is the way he acts that really matters and any of these four have the potential to play in a professional level. headed for the known r.t.
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moscow. well that is all from the world of sport is plenty more like to hang on r.t. wild weather is next followed by the headlines with belt. well
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from the front sounds technology innovation all the moves developments from around russia we've got the future covered. from.
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